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Restaurants and bars

Sit down and relax in our 3 restaurants

Restaurants in Puglia are of excellent quality, and Gattarella
maintains this tradition in the name of Mediterranean cuisine.

During your stay, choose where to eat among the 3 restaurants in the holiday village,
where you can taste the dishes which are prepared daily by our chefs
using the best ingredients of our very own Puglia.
An example? Orecchiette pasta with turnip tops, bruschetta, local vegetables,
typical cheeses, meat and fresh fish; you can find all this on the menu, along with many other choices.

Kids and teens, here, you can eat together with the entertainment staff!
The little ones eat in the area outside the nursery;
the older children and teens on the terrace of the Belvedere restaurant.
And for those who want a different option, there is a buffet for children in every restaurant,
put together on the advice of our trusted pediatrician. Great, isn’t it?

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wonderful, welcoming,