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In safe hands

Nursery a world for the little ones

It’s with great pleasure that we present you with something that we are very proud of: our play nursery with Montessori equipment and materials!

Yes, you’ve read that correctly: there’s actually a nursery within the holiday village, where our employees, who have certified nursery school experience, take care of our 0-3 year old guests during their stay at Gattarella.

It is a space which is equipped and organised in a very detailed way, and which is located right under the Belvedere Restaurant and next to the playground. Here, once you have provided all contact details, and also details regarding allergies, intolerances and other important information, you can leave your children to have fun, in a safe and secure environment.

When it comes to your children, we put our trust in expert staff for the coordination and management of games and leisure activities; we prepare daily menus based on pediatric advice and carry out the most scrupulous checks on ingredients, areas and equipment.

Ever since our twin girls Natalia and Delia were born, we’ve come to understand how much attention little ones need, and above all how important it is to create a safe, yet motivating environment for them, with expert educators. For this reason, we wanted to offer those parents who have chosen Gattarella for their summer holiday, the best possible environment where they can leave their children in safe hands and really enjoy their holiday.

Being a parent also means enjoying moments to yourself, right?

Rooms and areas

The nursery is a good 300 metres squared and is divided into:

  • Infant Area: it is completely separated by a pleasant wooden fence that allows newborns to be in complete safety, on soft mats and with exclusive Montessori material, such as the mirror on the wall and soft toys which are very tactile
  • Weaned and Semi-weaned area: this area is made up of big soft cushions, a ball pool, steps and areas which are suitable for children who have just begun to crawl or to take their first steps
  • Snack Area: for our little guests we always offer fresh seasonal fruit, which is pureed or chopped. The dining area, which is composed of tables and small wooden chairs at children’s height, and which is in perfect Montessori style, allows all children with parents (in full board, half board or in the residence with an agreement regarding said package) to be able to have lunch and dinner all together in the nursery.
    For all guests in the residence we apply a supplement per each individual meal.
  • Music Area: the nursery has a dedicated area in which children can play with real musical instruments
  • Painting Area: here, we have an area dedicated to colours and finger painting, and of course, it’s also dedicated to the imagination.

In 3 words Guests say:
wonderful, welcoming,