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Clean plate: that tasted great!

Great meals for little guests

The combination of playing all day and the sea air makes children much hungrier. Have you noticed this?

We see it every day with our own children: it is a sign of excellent health. It’s so gratifying to see little ones sitting at the table and always finishing everything on their plates. And even more so when you know that what they are eating is healthy and genuine.

For us at Gattarella, this point is fundamental, and it prompts us to choose the best ingredients every day, and to prepare the dishes which are most appreciated by children of all ages.

Each restaurant in the holiday village has a buffet which is dedicated to our younger guests; complete with a menu which has been put together with the help of a trusty pediatrician.

For babies
Every day, you mums will find ingredients that can be used to put together personalised dishes for your babies: vegetable broth without salt, vegetable and tomato puree that can be mixed together with fresh, chopped meat or fish, or you can choose one of the jars from our collection of organic or freeze-dried Hipp or Plasmon baby food. To complete the meal, on the buffet you will find organic Gattarella oil and 48 month matured Parmesan.
Travel light: here you will find high chairs, coloured plates, disposable paper bibs, placemats and a set of colors.
In all the restaurants there is a toilet with a baby changing table.

Each restaurant has a buffet menu with the children’s favourite dishes; we make sure they are always natural and healthy. Pasta with tomato sauce, meat, fish, potatoes and delicious Apulian focacce are always available.


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