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The story of a family

Here at Gattarella we have a family
that hosts families

I’m Gino Notarangelo, I’m 43 and I’m a father to 3 beautiful girls. Giulia who is 11, and Natalia and Delia who are 4. I want to warmly welcome you to Gattarella Resort.

Gattarella is our home, our friend, our favourite place to play, to have fun and to spend our days on the beach, sharing wonderful experiences with our family.
I would like you to have the same experience with your family.

Ever since I became a father, I have had one mission: to make my children happier and happier every day that goes by, and to bask in the joy that their smiles bring. Just like all parents do. Our happiness comes from sharing experiences, having fun together, and enjoying moments that we will keep forever in our hearts. It also comes from taking time out sometimes, and enjoying the things that we like to do, whatever our age.

Here, you can always find something to do that creates special bonds between parents and children, we always have a ready and attentive team of staff, who are very carefully selected and who take care of children, our children, who are the most precious people in the world. There is always a moment to enjoy as a couple, even before assuming your role as a father and mother. A moment of relaxation, well-being and exploration. An excursion, an evening in our disco, a dinner just for you two. Moments that all families wish for.
And at Gattarella, wishes always come true.

All of this is possible for one precise reason: the first guest at the resort is me, along with my family. My daughters, who are all completely different ages, give me “instructions” every day, as to how to win over the little ones and how to understand their habits and their needs.



I think this is the secret of Gattarella: applying our own family experience to every part of the holiday village, testing it on ourselves and then offering it to all the guests, as if it were tailor-made for each of you. We work continuously to give everyone the best holiday possible: new parents, as well as those who have children who are now teenagers.

The key word is sharing. Sharing of spaces, experiences, activities and restful moments. I often travel in search of new ideas. I have seen so many places that have inspired me and from which I have taken inspiration for so many new ideas that I have tried to bring home, in order to make every holiday season more beautiful. It’s the place where I live with my family, where my daughters eat, play and grow up, together with your children too: this is Gattarella.

I usually have 3 daughters, but every summer I become the father of a few hundred children. And my mission is to make them happy, enjoy their smiles, let them experience holiday days that they will remember forever. Here you are not just a simple guest, but a guest at our house, which also becomes your home.

We look forward to meeting you. Gino, Maria Rosa, Giulia, Natalia, Delia

In 3 words Guests say:
wonderful, welcoming,