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Just Gattarella

Just Gattarella 9 great reasons
why your holiday will be unforgettable

Hi, I’m Gino Notarangelo and I’m father to 3 beautiful daughters, who are all growing up together at Gattarella.
It is they who continuously give me suggestions as to how the holiday village can be improved, and how we can make it really fun for children of all ages. In this way, us parents can enjoy our holiday in every way possible.

Can you count to nine? Even if you’re a little one, we bet you can. If you haven’t learnt to read yet, get your mum and dad to help you.
Here’s how great a holiday at Gattarella can be. All day, every day.

1. Children up to 16 years of age go free

It’s clear right from the start who the main players are here: of course, the little ones! Babies, children and teens. At Gattarella, before they reach the age of 16, children don’t need to be paid for, for the whole summer. And this always includes all our dedicated family facilities and services. Amazing!

2. Bimbo in Viaggio prizewinner

We’re not the kind to boast, but we are certainly proud of it: we are happy to be the only resort in Puglia which has been chosen by Bimbo in Viaggio for its level of service offered to families on holiday. And we are proud to make children happy and their parents feel carefree.

3. Nursery

There is a nursery at Gattarella, which has been created in order to be able to take care of all our little guests, in complete safety. We trust in our expert nurses, who use the Montessori Method. So those who use the nursery can take full advantage of its benefits, even when on holiday.

4. Entertainment Until 12.30am

When we talk about all-day fun, we really mean it: here at Gattarella we have entertainment until 12.30 am, with specific programmes aimed at little ones, teens and adults. Our staff is incredibly specialised in entertainment for all ages.



5. Evening events and parties for parents

Entertainment, piano bar, a drink at the lounge bar or a romantic dinner under the stars. A family hotel like ours appeals to families not simply by giving lots of attention to the little ones, but also by letting parents experience a wonderful holiday full of fun and relaxation.

6. Baby Me Package: travel light

Travelling with a small child often means fitting a lot of luggage into a small space. Travel in a light and carefree way: we’ve got it all covered. Thanks to the Baby Me Package, upon your arrival at the hotel, you’ll find all you need for your little one: from pushchair to highchair, from children’s food to nappies. And everything is of the highest quality.

7. Assigned beach umbrellas and tables

The word holiday is synonymous with the word relax. So really make sure you relax; upon your arrival, you will be assigned a beach umbrella and a restaurant table which, from breakfast to dinner, will be yours for your entire stay. There will be no rushing to get a place here at Gattarella.

8. UNESCO Award

Yes, you read that correctly: Gattarella is immersed in the greenery of the Gargano, on a promontory overlooking the sea, right in the middle of nature. We love our territory and we take care of every aspect of it, and the attention that we pay to it has meant that we have been awarded by UNESCO.

9. Pump Track, Skate Academy and Tennis Academy

Sport is good for the body and it’s also fun: a perfect combination that also applies to children. Have fun together with the entertainers and learn how to skate and take control of your board on the Pump Track. Do you know how to play tennis? Here, trying is the only thing that matters!

In 3 words Guests say:
wonderful, welcoming,