Our Montessori-equipped recreational nursery is dedicated to children under the age of 3, where they will be under the care of skilled and certified teachers.
Please provide us with your contact details as well as all of your child’s information, including allergies, intolerances and anything else we need to know. We prepare daily menus under advice from paediatricians and carry out thorough checks on all ingredients, workspaces and equipment.
Sit back, relax and enjoy a well-deserved holiday in Apulia, knowing your children are in safe hands.

Spaces and areas
The nursery is a good 300 sq m. in size and is divided into:
Infant area: protected by a wooden fence, allowing infants to stay safely on soft mats and with Montessori materials, such as the mirror on the wall and soft toys that are recognisable to the touch
Active baby area: consisting of large soft cushions, a ball pool, steps and courses suitable for children who have just started to take their first steps or crawl
Snack area: the lunch area is furnished with small tables and small wooden chairs in Montessori style, allowing children and parents (in full board, half board or self-catering with access included) to have lunch and dinner together
Music area: a specific area where children can play with real musical instruments
Painting area: this is where children can learn to play with colours, use their imagination and paint with their hands

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