Discover wellness in nature

Channel the energy of the Gargano and find your inner harmony

We believe that wellness is not simply a state, but a way of life which requires the devotion of a person’s entire being and every moment of their day. We feel it not only on a physical level, but also on a psychological, relational, architectural, nutritional and, of course, environmental level. That is why, at Gattarella, wellness is everywhere. It starts with the sea and the sun, which relax your body and mind and lift your spirits. You can breathe it in the fresh, pure air of the pines. You can experience wellness inside and outside of your room. You can feel it everywhere around our resort. And it culminates in our wellness centre

Nature and relaxation

Lie back and relax in the sun, cherishing the moments of happiness as your children frolic on the beach with their friends and our staff. Take a stroll or get your heart pumping in the pinewood by the sea, reconnecting with nature and your inner self. Rediscover your psycho-physical potential with Yoga Power Mobility and other outdoor activities. Go for a swim early in the morning, bathed in the golden light of a new day. At Gattarella, nature is our valuable ally.

Don’t forget to take time to recharge and feel “refreshed” while the kids are busy having fun. Why not enjoy a professional massage by the sea: to release accumulated stress, relieve swelling, prepare for physical activity or relax after a sports session, or even for a revitalising couples massage.

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